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Green lipped mussels and Glycosaminoglycans

GAGS are the modern term for Mucopolysaccharides. These are long chain sulfated amino sugars, meaning that the simple sugar molecule has attached amino and sulfate groups which are negatively charged. This negative charge is usually associated with a positive metallic ion, which is tightly bound to the chain. (A basic reason is our product is an array of marine minerals not available with the commercial chondroitin extracted product.)

Part of the GAG molecule is glucosamine or galactosamine, which is a single sugar molecule that is repeated in a long chain. The repeating double sugars are usually attached to a core protein. The long chain and the stem is the core protein. They can be thought of as organic ion-exchange molecules. Their presence in the connective tissue. The watrous gel-like spaces between cells, helps to normalize bio-exchange - oxygen and nutrients to the cells and the removal of metabolites.

GAGS function in all watrous fluids of the body, blood, mucous synovial fluids, membrane surfaces which decrease as we age. Adding GAGS to the diet helps to restore the youthful structure and function to tissues like the arteries and joint areas. The first effect is improvement to the skin/coat condition, and general well being. This is simply a result of the normalizing function described above, in restoring watrous gel of the tissue to its more youthful condition.
In our quality one step process green-lipped mussel powder, the carbohydrate portion ranges according to the harvest, from approximately 21% to 30%. Not all of this is chondroitin, but the carbohydrate includes the natural precursors, proteoglycans and natural combinations.

The overall dry weight percentage of chondroitin sulfate measured several times in tests showed approximately 11% to 15% of the total.
This means that the Carbohydrate portion, proteoglycans is approximately 10-15%.

Our GLM product mussel powder is producing only a natural product with combinations of bioactive nutrients with good health effects in a number of applications. The particular dosage of a synthetically derived product such as the Chondroitins and Glucosamine can not be compared to the natural occurring nutrients in the fresh soft tissue of the mussel that are carefully preserved.
Another important factor is that these Muco's GAGs from our mussel tissue in the embryonic form, easy to digest compared to the cartilage sources from animal tissue.

* The above results are on NHNZ GLM product are of TFX and Mobicosa