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mobicosa'My wife has osteo-arthritis and was under a specialist for some time. We were recommended to try Mobicosa by a friend and after a short time on the capsules she started to have less pain and much more mobility. After six months no pain and outstanding mobility, so much so that her specialist (although he wouldn't credit to Mobicosa) declared that she had beaten it and would no longer have to come to him. The company that we were buying it from changed their product to Motipid saying that is the same product but it doesn’t do the job as well as the Mobicosa in my wife’s case. As I said earlier we are so glad to find another supplier of Mobicosa. She will now be going back to Mobicosa and I will keep you monitored on her progress.'  *And about three and a half (3+1/2) months later in late May 2013..'My wife has almost completed her first bottle of Mobicosa since going back to it from Motipid. The results are quite dramatic. She has regained much more mobility and has far less pain in her hands, knees and shoulders, as well as none of the night pain (and sleepless nights), that she was experiencing on her previous medication.As stated in my previous email, we are so happy to find we can once again buy Mobicosa.'

Sincerely, Grahame Charles.

'I have been using Mobicosa Gel and Mobicosa Capsules for the past few months. Previously I had swelling in my left ankle and right knee. Since using the capsules in particular the swelling is reduced in both my ankle and knee. I play bowls and I have noticed that I am able to not only last the entire game but my mobility has also improved. I am also able to walk more each day and my general health has improved as a result.
Confidence is a wonderful thing and the capsules have certainly given me that. Also the capsules have no adverse effects with my present medications. I personally would recommend the capsules and hope that they would help others as much as they have helped me.'
Gary Pollock (June 2013)

Hi, Julie Hickson here...Katie's (Horse Talk TV) sister. I live in Coffs Harbour NSW and do a range of things on the program, when needed, including having coordinated the recent fundraising campaign. I am buying these for my mother.....let me explain. I am 52 and have been grappling with (and trying to ignore) various age related degenerative problems for a while now. I have bone spurs on my neck and a left knee which is going to need replacement pretty soon. After comparing notes about our stiff necks many months ago, Katie had sent me a bottle of the Mobicosa Green Lipped Mussel caps. It sat in my cupboard unopened.
I have to confess that I am a rationalist and am, justifiably (I believe), utterly sceptical about the many outrageous and scientifically unproven claims made by the purveyors of 'alternative' medicines and therapies. Hence the fact that the Mobicosa sat in my cupboard for months. Recently, the pain in my knee got to a point where I could not sleep and I was popping a couple of asprin every night before bed to take the edge off. Even then I was uncomfortable and had difficulty sleeping. At this point I remembered the Mobicosa and thought 'chicken soup'! That can't hurt...let's give it a try.
So I did. Well...I was utterly astonished and could hardly believe what happened. The very next day after the first 'booster dose' I had almost no pain in my knee. I then discovered that the surrounding muscles were quite sore and stiff as they had been compensating for the weakness of the knee - but I had not noticed this because of the more significant pain in the knee. By day 3 I had no pain in the knee or muscles. Incredible! I have had no knee pain since. I still have difficulties because of the bone spurs on my neck (after all that is about bone pushing on nerves - much harder to resolve), but I think the pain and discomfort from that is less than it used to be. I told Katie all about it who suggested I do a testimonial for you which I am more than happy to do.
Our mother is currently going through the 7 circles of hell with degenerative bone problems. She is in so much pain she can't sit, stand or lie down without intense pain. She has been to doctors who have had her x-rayed and CAT scanned, they have given her panadine forte which she is using constantly but to little effect and she is in a tear-inducing agony of chronic pain all the time (for the last 4 weeks or so). The various diagnosis are all degenerative conditions which the doctors say very little can be done about other than surgery (eventually). I know from my own research that the outcomes of surgery are patchy at best. She is despairing.
So, I am sending her a bottle of your best! I hope it can do for her what it has done for me. I am going to have to put in order for me too, I've nearly finished the ones I have.
Julie Hickson - Australia

I have already written about a product called Technyflex Equine and how it helped my most precious Flair in “Flair’s Story” - now it is time to tell you a small portion of my story. I have been affected by the inflammatory disorder called “Crohn’s Disease” since the age of 12. In my early twenties, it nearly killed me. Anaesethics from multiple surgeries at that time caused the associated muscle myopathy to become severely aggravated and I became wheel chair bound for a period of time. I fought to survive for 8 months in hospital and then I fought to walk. I did walk again but as a very active person at heart, my daily struggle to attempt some form of my former life caused unending, relentless pain throughout my body of varying in intensities – depending on what I was trying to do.

Sitting upright for any length of time was near impossible. Spasm would attack my back to such an extent that I was forced to stand through most university lectures and instead of my practical music studies being a daily source of joy, playing and studying my instruments (I majored in harp and classical guitar) became something I dreaded but forced myself to endure.
Then the bone pain spread throughout my body and the night sweats would often wake me nearly every hour through the night and exhausted, I would have to change sheets and clothing and then prop the mattress to dry each morning. I learnt it was easiest to sleep with one towel on and the rest waiting, stacked beside the bed. In fact I became so accustomed to changing wet for dry towels, that I would wake in the morning and look at the pile of wet towels on the floor beside me and not even remember changing them.
The years moved on and all this became worse. Parts of many nights were spent holding onto a pillow; literally holding on…. Then last year (2010) was introduced to “Mobicosa” (essentially the same product as I give to Flair but in human form). Ashley said “you don’t need to be in all this pain”. I wanted to hope but didn't really dare to do so. I had been given so many "false" hopes in the past - spent thousands of dollars on "remedies". You do this when you are desperate. But Ashley was right.

I began a journal to record the affect the mobicosa might have on my inflamed body. About two weeks after beginning to take the New Zealand Greenlipped Mussel Powder, I was wondering why my night sweats were beginning to lessen in intensity and then they all but ceased. What was different, I wondered. Then it occurred to me - the Mobicosa, it must be the Mobicosa. The reason that it had not occurred to me is that I was not at all expecting this product to help this part of my illness. I was only hoping that it may help the muscle spasm. Then within two days of the night sweats virtually ceasing, I was walking down a hill on my crutches when I realised that the bones in my arms were lying directly against the iron of the crutch supports. I could never do this before. I always had to turn my arms outwards as I could not bare the shooting pains when the bones in my arenas touched the metal. I couldn't believe it. I kept walking. I pushed my forearms into the crutches but there was no sharp, stabbing pain. I touched the bone on my face. They hardly hurt! I wanted to shout out loud. I began to glow inside. There was help. There was an answer to this relentless unending debilitating pain.
Then I began to be able to sit. Sit like everyone else. When you have felt humiliated for years because you feel you are drawing attention to yourself because cannot sit for any period of time like a "normal" person at a dinner outing or university lecture because your back is screaming at you and you just have to move and twist and try to break the spasm - words cannot explain how it feels to be able to just sit and listen and talk like everyone else, without making excuses for having to leave the room.
I was at a point in my life where, after so many years I wondered for how much longer I could continue to fight pain that tried every day to destroy any joy that may have been left to me in this life. I was used to rallying. You have to. But it was becoming harder and harder. Every day I was struggling, surviving. When I was given the gift of Mobicosa, I was handed a small miracle. The effect this natural product has had on my quality of life has been profound. I have been, not completely freed but certainly been brought back to a place where life is once again worth living.
Rosalie Fahey - Paralympian

'I would like to introduce myself and share my story with you. My name is Victoria Davies and I am a Para Equestrian Dressage rider, breeder, campaigner of the PRE Andalusian horse and proud user of the joint supplement MOBICOSA & TECHNYFLEX. I would like to share with you details of my life, my disability, my love, passion for the PRE Andalusian, how MOBICOSA has been an important part of my life and of course, tell you about ‘Eddy’ my magnificent Para Equestrian Spanish stallion and our dreams to represent Australia in the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio.
While my disease is very advanced, and is controlled by many harsh pharmaceutical drugs, I do believe my strong use and interest in alternative medicine has helped maintain my general well being and mobility. 10 years I have been taking MOBICOSA. A fantastic product I truly cannot live without! The late Ron Gellatley, a great naturopath admired by many, introduced me to MOBICOSA when I was 16 years old. I started a high dose of MOBICOSA caps of 6 tablets per day over a course of 2 weeks and found a big improvement with my swollen joints and stiffened movement, over a course of 3 weeks I was able to begin light swimming activities, regain my strength and was able to feel somewhat like a normal teenager. Since that day, 10 years ago I am a strong believer in alternative medicine; I take a daily routine of 4 caps of MOBICOSA per day and If I have been training a bit harder than usual and my body is feeling a bit worn out than I will increase to 6 caps until the inflammation has subsided which I find only takes a day to experience a difference and by the 2nd day I feel great again.
As a Para-Equestrian rider, it is very important that I stay fit, healthy and be able to control my disease to the best of my ability. My body fights this destructive disease 24/7 so it has never been in my nature to sit back and let it take over my life. I have always found ways to make improvements. I am a strong believer that one must help ones self. MOBICOSA is an important element of my life and I must say if I accidently run out and miss a daily dose I can defiantly feel the difference within my body, not just my joints! The swelling and burning sensation returns throughout my joints, tendons, ligaments and I just feel fatigued and horrible; it makes my busy daily routine quite difficult when this happens. This is a reason why I always have plenty of bottles in my cupboards so I am never without! I have been on this product for 10 years, that’s pretty much most of my life and I truly can’t see my life in the future without this product. MOBICOSA helps to maintain my quality of life and allows me to continue to follow my dreams and to me this can only be a positive.'

Victoria Davies - 5th February 2013

I have arthritis in my knees, feet and hands. I take the Mobicosa® capsules every day and words can't describe the relief I get. I can highly recommend Mobicosa®capsules to anyone with arthritis. Try them for a couple of months, then stop taking them for a week or so and feel the difference. You will soon be taking them again.

Lawrence, Jimbooba, Australia.

As a keen runner I decided to try Mobicosa® to aid sore joints and in particular, an aggravated hip injury. Taking 4 capsules initially, and then reducing down to 3 per day, I was impressed with the results as after only a period of 2-3 weeks I noticed a substantial difference in the movement and stability of my hip injury, and can now run pain free. I was also not expecting an added benefit of the product which was noticeably smoother skin, and healthy hair and nails.
Vanessa, New Zealand.

Stuart is a practicing professional hairdresser. On Sunday 15 October 2006, Stuart attempted to open a jammed plate glass door using his right forearm to push against it. Unfortunately the glass shattered slashing Stuart‚s forearm from wrist to elbow in a deep V, all the way to the bone. Amazingly no tendons or nerves were severed but the arm could not be extended due to the extent of the tissue trauma. The following day Stuart underwent surgery to repair the damaged tissue which also involved a large skin-fold. Four days later, on the Thursday, Stuart was released from hospital.

The next day I saw Stuart and was alarmed at the excessive swelling to his fingers and hand. I advised he return to his surgeon at St John of God Hospital, providing him with a bottle of Mobicosa® capsules and the technical information about this amazing product. The surgeon read the information and immediately put Stuart on the maximum loading dose. Compression bandages were also applied to the hand and the arm elevated. Stuart was to re-present on the Monday. To the surgeon‚s astonishment, the swelling had completely dissipated, digit mobility had returned and the arm could extend to 70% capacity. Stuart continued with the maximum dose of Mobicosa® for 10 days before reducing to 2 capsules per day. By the 2nd week after surgery, Stuart achieved 90% rotation of his arm and within the 3rd week he was back at work cutting hair. He experienced no pain after commencing the Mobicosa®.
Lyn Annakin, Guan Yin Centre for Learning.

I have two chronic pain conditions, Fibromyalgia and Bursitis, and for 13 years have tried every treatment available with little or no success. Since startingMobicosa® 6 months ago my joint mobility has increased and my pain level has decreased dramatically. My general health has also improved. I believeMobicosa® with its unique qualities has the ability to relieve severe joint pain and related conditions.
Kerryanne Eastaugh

Having been run over by a tractor and suffering 5 fractures to the pelvis and sacrum in 1987 I was told I would suffer from arthritis as I got older. Add to this being kicked in the right knee and leg by a horse and also suffering a torn meniscus in the left knee most "experts" would only agree that my fate was assured.

25 years on there is no pain, no restriction of movement and no arthritis. I still run, ride trackwork, dance like the wind and do all that I could when I was a lot younger. Of course, to get to this point I had to endure, like most, the debilitating pain that accompanies the accumulated injuries of playing and living life.

Basically, I just plain don't trust medicine to give me the right answers. I have always found medicine to fall down short of the mark in helping me with anything I have suffered. Band-aid solutions never work for long and usually at great cost too. Medicine's tools tend to be the products of pharmaceutical companies and their patented artificial substances are no match for nature's remedies so I looked at what nature offered me and I was fortunate to find Mobicosa® and I have never looked back. Thanks.

Richard, Australia

I personally believe in having natural medicine rather than allopathic, which comes with a package of side effects in them. Luckily in April I cam across an article about nearly curing severe arthritis in the current affairs of Channel 9. Both of my parents are arthritis patients I was very curious about this neutraceuticalMobicosa®. My father who has been suffering from gouty arthritis for a year is very fussy about taking tablets. He believes that if tablets cure one disease the patient ends up with other ailments. He had been to Australia to visit me in the month of May. I was on constant look out for Mobicosa®. We planned a trip to Sydney and we were lucky to find Mobicosa® over there and bought a bottle.

On returning to India my father tried Mobicosa® and was amazed by the effect, after having been diagnosed with gout his uric acid level was normal. He used to be in constant pain in his knees and walked with a limp. After being onMobicosa® for 3- 6 days he felt like he had never had arthritis and he no longer suffers from pain in his knees. I was extremely pleased with the results that I have received from Mobicosa®. My father has also recommended Mobicosa® for my Mother and she also has experienced the astounding effect of Mobicosa®. I would recommend for people who are in chronic pain to try Mobicosa® and live a new life free of pain. To the manufacturers of this product I ask that it be made available throughout the world, as it is a blessing to the people in pain.
Afshan Shariff, Australia

I have been using Mobicosa for a few years and find the service at Natural Health New Zealand excellent. I used to use Petflex(now Technyflex) for my dog who was diagnosed with arthritis at age 6 months. When he was using petflex he could run and play with other dogs with no pain or stiffness the next day. I get very little, if any pain in my thumbs!
Aileen Iggo, New Zealand

After 10 years of crippling back-pain and arthritis in my joints and after many theraphies, I started using Mobicosa tablets only 8 DAYS ago and my pain levels have dropped by about 60%!! I can't wait for the "end" result (and trust me it's NOT mind over matter, though it sounds like a miracle). Suffers please tryMobicosa® and post a comment. I will keep you informed on my progress.
Special thanks to the creators for giving me a chance to start a "new" painless life.
Frank, Australia

I have been using Mobicosa capsules for the past 6 months. The service is always very good and I have experienced great relief in my knee problems.
Malcolm H, New Zealand

I have been buying Mobicosa from the chemist for the past 6-7 months. I have experienced pain relief and much improved mobility. The service at Natural Health New Zealand is excellent. 
Barry Foster, Australia

I have been using Mobicosa capsules for 6 months. After one week - remarkable relief from Rheumatoid Arthritis. Reduced swelling in right knee by 90 percent. All joints almost pain free. The service at Natural Health NZ is excellent.
Colin Murdoch, Australia

As a sufferer of Huntington's Chorea (a genetic neurological disorder, characterised by abnormal body movements called chorea and a lack of coordination; it also affects a number of mental abilities and some aspects of behavior)I have a lot of involuntary movements which cause me a lot of pain and soreness especially from old injuries.

Before taking Mobicosa I was constantly taking strong pain relief tablets three times a day.

I am so grateful I am now on Mobicosa as I have not had to take any pain relief tablets since shortly after starting my course of the Mobicosa capsules. I am now able to enjoy life more because I am not preoccupied by pain.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Ashley (a distributor for Natural Health New Zealand) for helping to ease my pain.
Dom, Australia

I have been using Mobicosa for approximately 9 months. Natural Health New Zealand 2002 Ltd provides absolutely top service and good communication regarding confirmation and orders placed.
I have a chronic back scoliosis and have had back pain in degrees for over 30 years. It is a little hard to tell how effective Mobicosa is as I need 75mgs Voltaren daily as well. I have great faith in the therapeutic benefits of green lipped mussels. For the other benefits alone my husband and I will continue taking Mobicosa capsules.
Avril, New Zealand

I would like to write to you to say a big thankyou for the very efficient service and delivery of a product I recently bought across the internet. The process was simple and effective and with out fuss. I bought some Mobicosa for my mum who suffers badly from Rheumatoid arthritis. She loves this product and within days she claims it is helping to alleviate her stiffness and joint pain.

So thankyou very much for this great product and efficient service.
Anita, Australia