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Read testimonials from happy Technyflex Equine customers.

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Technyflex Equine

Technyflex® statement from Di Jenkyn'sequineproducts
I am pleased to endorse and recommend Technyflex as a product that supports joint health. I have travelled Australia for many years conducting coaching clinics (up to 45 annually) and train both novice and professional riders.I know from a life time working with horses that joint wear and tear and subsequent pain reduces equine ability and that Technyflex can assist with this problem, my training programs involve progressive strength and conditioning work to enable the equine athlete to reach their maximum potential. Technyflex compliments this routine by assisting with building strong joints and cartilage while the natural anti inflammatory properties ensure pain free and happy animals.The health and well being of the horse has always been central to my training and Technyflex can greatly assist this philosophy. I have seen grand Prix dressage horses, schoolmasters and young growing horses all gain significant noticeable benefit both short and long term from its use. Most recently I started my old dog on Technyflex canine and once again the improvement was rapid and very noticeable.'

Diane Jenkyn (Dressage Coach specialist)

'WOW!! Fantastic, I have a 4yo TB gelding that developed a bad hock joint infection from a puncture wound. He was operated on and the joint scapped and flushed in August 2012 confined to a box for 2 weeks. When first released from his box he was still bearing no weight on his leg but has improved slowly each day but the lameness has never gone away. Really wished that I had done a video so everyone could see the HUGE improvement in this horse in just 10days, he has gone from being unable to trot without being very visualably lame to trotting without hardly limping , I say again WOW!!!! I really cant believe the improvement. Thank you Technyflex we know he will never race again but he will certainly make it to a dressage arena.'
Norma - Australia

'I would like to share our experience as we are very happy with Technyflex Equine. Two years ago I purchased a horse from Vic for my Daughter as her next Eventer. Six months after purchasing him he had an accident in the stables and caused a lot of damage to his hind legs the worst of his injuries was a laceration down to the joint on his rear fetlock. After 3 operations, 3 months to the vet and 6 months off we still weren't confident he would jump again. I was looking for a joint food to help him along and found an advert in Horse Deals magazine, then did some research on Technyflex and purchased a 250 gram container of the powder. I put Jack on it and slowly put him back to work. I am pleased to say Jack and my daughter are back to eventing B grade and having a ball with no sign of lameness.'
Kirsten Guilderton - WA

'I heard about Technyflex Equine from an elderly friend, who has been using the Greenlipped Mussel(Mobicosa) herself with great results. I have been purchasing Technyflex from this website for the past 6 months. The service is great- fast delivery, usually a few days only. I currently use the powder on my TB Geld who is now 14 years old, he raced till 9 1/2 and although uninjured he has lots of wear n' tear signs, mainly in the front knees etc. I didn't notice a change when I first used Technyflex, but I noticed a huge change after running out. Approximately 2 weeks after the last dose my Geld was stiff and 'rolling over' in the joints etc. So I put him straight back on Technyflex Equine and he was better within a week.'
Colette Keenan - Australia

'I deal with a lot of horses off the track that have the expected joint and tendon issues. I've found that Technyflex has kept them both sound and happy during periods of intense competition and training.
One of my horses was diagnosed with cartilage damage and had tendon issues as a race horse but has since completed a very successful season of showjumping at official levels, passing vet checks all the while. I no longer have qualms about competing through summer on hard surfaces. I now maintain all my horses on Technyflex and have noticed a marked difference in the quality of their work and attitudes towards being worked.'
Susannah Balson - Australia

'Just a quick note to let you know what a difference Technyflex® has made to our old mare. Dawnie is 30 years old and couldn’t put her head to ground to eat. After being on your product as directed the difference is amazing. The old pony can now eat where she chooses in the paddock and can also enjoy her feeds of Gumnuts and chaff and her hay comfortably. Thank you to the team at Natural Health and to this marvellous product.'

Julianna and Merrilyn

'Technyflex® Equine Powder is magic on the horses. Choppy short actions become smooth and the horses quite obviously more comfortable and relaxed.
The service at Natural Health New Zealand was fantastic- fast and efficient! I am now starting myself on the human product - Mobicosa®.'
Mike - New Zealand

'I have used Techyflex® products on my Standardbreds for the past 6 months. I find Technyflex® powder is beneficial for maintaining horses joints, and I noticed definate improvement in the horses health and wellbeing whilst using this product.
I have no hesitation in recommending Technyflex® Equine products.'
Susan Hunter - Victoria Australia

'This is just a note to tell you a story about our little dressage horse, Robali Irish Cream, known at home as Louie. He is very special to us, having taken Robbie, at aged 11, from competing Preliminary dressage and Intro eventing eight years ago to competing in FEI Young Rider and Open classes up until July 2008, with wonderful success. We retired him at 19, as although he had started training the Grand Prix movements with his usual mental willingness, he didn't feel as sound as he had been with various niggly arthritic changes in his gaits. His once super extensions seemed to be compromised and he had some irregularity in a hind leg, which was treated, but not with total success. So with much sadness, we stopped his training and riding. After meeting you in November at Equitana last year, and learning about your product we decided to try Louie on Technyflex. Six months later, (and now 20 years old) we have him happily back in work and he seems back to his old self! He enjoys showing off his passage and flying changes and we have fun using him for our young students!! We are so taken with these results that we now use Technyflex on Robali Razzamatazz and Viviano as their preventative joint food supplement. Both these horses are training FEI with our sights on international competition and their overall health is of paramount importance to us. So thank you for a wonderful product!'
Ali & Robbie Soster