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Natae Jankowski of Brandy Hill, NSW

Hi All, Great day today (11th April) with my daughter Natae and her Horse 'With Pleasure M' Lord' winning the Ammie jumping Class at Sydney Royal. Why is this win so Gratifying? well let me tell you With Pleasure M"Lord aka Lannies Story.
It was almost a year ago that Lannie was rushed into Newcastle Vet hospital for Stomach surgery to remove an enterolith from his gut. It was the size of a lawn bowl and when he was colicking and did not respond to pain relief, I knew it was not good as l could hear very little gut sounds.
Lannie had his surgery within 1/2 an hour of arriving at the hospital. The vet actually thanked me for not mucking about with the decision to operate as many horsey people in the same boat tend to sit and wait it out, hoping the horse will come good and then there are problems with damage to the bowel etc and many horses who have had to wait too long, do not make it thru the surgery. Lannie had the enterolith removed but in doing so they had to cut his intestine twice, as at first they thought it was a compaction colic, but then Paddy thought all did not look right and felt further down the intestine and found the entrolith, they could not get it out of the first incision, so had to cut him again, so it was a double cut so two times the worry. l am told, his was one of the best recoveries out of the anaesthetic, they have ever had there after surgery. Day 4 he came home to a stable on Heavy duty antibiotics and was scouring severely, so he was given protexin, Yakult and rebound and of course large doses of TFX and within 24 hours his manure was soft and round. He was under 24 hour camera surveillance and we took turns at being on duty 24/7. (A big Thank you to David Cooper for coming and doing his remaining intravenous antibiotic shots.) He was kept locked up and quiet for 4 weeks and in that time l would take him out on a lead to have a fresh green pick daily. His Staples were removed after a month. Two months of intensive nursing and finally he could go out in a small yard and then gradually larger as long as he did not run round. He had 8 months off. He came back into work in January and despite all our attempts to get him a start in a jumping comp (Shows cancelled due to Rain) he had his first showjumping competition back at Sydney Royal today and it resulted in a blue ribbon. I would like to acknowledge my wonderful daughter here, who despite so many hurdles being placed in her way both health wise, work wise and horse wise, she has never given up, when so many others would have.
She has steadfastly nursed and cared for him and as he was a little argumentative when he initially came back into work, we sat down and talked about what he was doing and why this might be. I felt he could be suffering from adhesions and scarring from the operation under his stomach, so in talking to Vet Dr Jim Stenhouse, the decision was made to laser his abdomen daily. Natae has religiously treated his abdomen for the last two weeks and schooled and worked him with a kindness and thoughtfulness like nothing l have seen before. Lannie took only a couple of days of lasering to show us he was a whole lot more comfortable because of the lasering. Today he gave it all back to her in the only way he knows how , trying his heart out and jumping clear and quick in the final. He has another start tomorrow and then home. Another TFX horse (Tim Clarke) also ran into 2nd place today at the Royal in a showjumping comp and there will be many more TFX successes over the course of the show. For freedom of movement and deflamming tired and strained muscles, ligaments and tendons etc, why would you not want your horse on it. Congrats for determination and persistence to Lannie and Natae.